DevLogic expands to USA market


DevLogic expands to USA market

After we recently wrote to Sarajevo DevLogic software company behind the software that drives the global first smart locator and cell phone for children Philip , learned that this successful company engaged in a series of more advanced projects and to market the United States , including and work on projects for the Google Glass.

Specifically , team development and innovation manager DevLogic , visited last month in San Francisco , where the company last year and has an official office managed by Muamer Ćišija . It is a young , talented and successful Bosnians from Foca who graduated from Stanford , became an MBA and where success in America is definitely not remained unfulfilled dream. New DevLogic office is located in a business complex WeWork , along with some of the best known companies in the industry such as Reddit, Imgur and Airbnb.

Otherwise , it was through this office , DevLogic works with very advanced startup community-operation , which is the backbone of most innovation in the field of modern software – tion solutions on a global level .

In an interview for the portal Dino Osmanovic , DevLogic Innovation Manager , tells us that the reason for leaving was the agreement attached to the prototype eyeglasses with U.S. company Osterhout Design Group ( ODG ) , which works closely with the Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Army .

It is the glasses that can take photographs , record videos , send messages or do other things touching the controls or uttering commands . I can connect to the Internet via Wi – Fi router or via a cell phone .

” As far as the ‘ consumer ‘ market or markets for consumers , FGD was sold to Microsoft patents a month ago ,” said Osmanovic .

Microsoft has paid about $ 150 million for the rights to the technology Osterhout Design Group , a company that has been developing devices for the military and other organizations and are generally focused on the industry . More about this acquisition can počitati on TechCrunch link.

Osterhout Design Group has continued to work independently , and the company has retained ownership of 81 patents for wearable technology . Otherwise , purchase order Microsoft could mean the next step in creating a device modeled on Google Glass .

” So , what we’re doing specifically , is an upgrade of the Android operating system specific set of applications that will be used on the device ,” adds our source , adding that the cooperation to come to the job of DevLogic seven years ago had a partner company , and which were re- contacted .

” Although we are in San Francisco went primarily due to EDC ‘s, we visited and our other clients Centr Camera Inc. . Fractal and Sciences , to discuss the current projects . Centr Camera Inc. . Works panoramic cameras recording video , and for them to do, video player , web player and plan to mobile Android and iPhone player, while the Fractal Sciences working application solution to optimize ROI on advertising on Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks . So , we have a large collection of data to analyze and optimize marketing campaign in the company , which still , on that basis , the money invested in the best possible way . system is based on highly advanced algorithms text analysis , machine learning and language proceiranja where trailing behavior of visitors to the site , create campaigns and targeted by people , “says we Osmanovic .

According to him , it is a startup in which he received funding in the amount of $ 1.70M and now has serious talks for the next round of funding that will be much higher .

Apart from these companies , they had meetings with several potential partners . One of them is AugMedix in working projects for Google Glass , and has recently received financial support of $ 3.5 million . Also , interesting projects related to ” augmented reality ” and combining ” real ” and ” virtual ” world are run in this area expect very interesting challenges .

In the end , visited the headquarters of the largest Internet search engine Google, which is to say , an unforgettable experience .


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