“iOS Bested by Android on Global Usage Stats for the First Time” Or is it he ?


So, thousands of #android devices finally “overcome” less than dozen #iOS devices … funny, I was this news serious. If I must choose, I would still rather have 3GS over S4. Why – buy one iPhone, its under 50$ now, and see… What will happen if you compare adopting the newest OS? or usability / backward compatibility of devices? Not to mention profit of app sales. Delete this, somebody might think android is better.



Business opportunity / Job Offer

We’re building the tool for fast growing digital marketing optimization software company. It’s purpose-built Marketing Optimization Platform brings together all of the essential digital marketing tools for strategy, execution, and reporting. Dynamic recommendation engine that we’re building provides customer insights while advanced optimization algorithms improves their results. Software learns through cutting-edge data science and machine learning, getting smarter with each new user interaction, recommendation, and data point.

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My first… theme: Googlish


Google tribute – popular internet company like theme with all pages from main set of Google applications covered.

This is a more than a page: its fully working web-app with usage of local storage and bootstrap widgets. For creative professionals and developers to create an Google-like simple and clean applications. Continue reading