My first… theme: Googlish


Google tribute – popular internet company like theme with all pages from main set of Google applications covered.

This is a more than a page: its fully working web-app with usage of local storage and bootstrap widgets. For creative professionals and developers to create an Google-like simple and clean applications.

All headers from different type of screens are in separate, easy configurable layouts. There is 6+1 (empty) layouts to boost your productivity, and gives you head start with your project. Layouts can be combined with 4 different headers and create even more stylish designs.

Demo pages are done with clever, easy to follow code snippets and you learn a lot from them. For example Invoice page, on first look seems like a just random numbers, but after refresh it few times, you will notice that calculations are right, the invoice is valid :) (document > invoice)




Even pages like Drive and Mail like are dynamic, showing different icons in various colors on every refresh… play with them a bit.

Icons… we all like them, and here you can choose from over 5200 icons at once. Style-sheets are modified a bit, so you can use 12 different sets of icons on same page. You can also change color of icons on demo page, so you can easily choose the best one in colors you want.

Control set is common bootstrap set of controls, with demo code aside on demo page (document > controls) so check it out.

Most likely clean chart is high-chart, but with few add-ons, so you will be provided with simple, but effective 3D charts. Check out document > charts demo page.

Theme is 12 column bootstrap theme, with all segments of popular internet company tweaks and pages.

Download @ CodeGrape


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