A world now looks like quite different …


The truth is that every map tells a lie, but they don’t all lie about the same thing. For example, Mercator projection maps—one of the most common in use today—exaggerate regions far from the equator. The Goode homolosine projection (pictured below) shows continents that are sized appropriately to one another, but with many interruptions and distortions of distance. Continue reading


Smartwatch that powers phones, tablets, TVs, and more.


Neptune’s goal to replace your phone with its watch is wildly ambitious

Near the end of 2013, a company called Neptune came out with a crazy idea: build a playing card deck-sized smartwatch that could run without a smartphone. It accomplished that feat at the expense of being large and ungainly, making Android Wear behemoths like the Moto 360 look svelte by comparison. Now the company is back with a much more ambitious, yet equally crazy project to reimagine not just the smartwatch, but your phone and tablet, too. Continue reading