Finally a real developer game…


A startup that turns practicing your programming skills into a game, CodeFights, has just raised $2.4 million in seed funding to further develop its real-time, social game where developers can participate in “code battles” versus either a timed clock or other opponents directly.

I was able to sign up with this and give it a try. Felt a bit like, which is also an amazing website about learning code. But has 2 modes, 1. Solo and 2. CodeFight. This makes it interesting and a bit unique. Also, they have an achievement and point system that makes it feel like a game.

While the site has only been live for around six months, already 70,000 users have shown up and have solved 1.5 million challenges.

Investors in the round include Felicis Ventures (Aydin Senkut), Sutter Hill Ventures (Mike Speiser), Adam D’Angelo (Facebook co-founder/Quora CEO), Auren Hoffman (LiveRamp CEO), Tom Fallows (Google Shopping Express founder/Uber), Raffi Krikorian (Twitter VP of Eng/Uber) and others.

The idea for the startup was sparked following he and his co-founder, Aram Shatakhtsyan’s, experiences participating in international math and coding competitions, including the International Mathematics Olympiad and the International Olympiad in Informatics, for example.

Visit site and start your battle:

Similar sites, for testing your coding skills:

(tnx, SrdjanVranac for additional similar site list)

.. and when you reach high levels, contact me to find you a proper job 😀


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