Is there an alternative ?


One of best thing moving on mac almost 10 years ago was – there were almost no popup windows flashing in front of your eyes. Apps was quiet, almost ashamed when notification should be displayed for the user (me). A flashing icon, nice eye non-distracting window with no focus or similar. Things changed, for worse:

Minutes ago, in a middle of typing important email, a java update window took half of my email. They say you should not ever write a letter / email when you are angry… well I was not when I started writing it, at least.

But, my frustration is topic for some other time… now, the reason for this post: Java update offered me Yahoo search engine, to be set as default. 4 days after yahoo admitted they need to pay somebody to take them. OMG! This made my day. Besides endless topics to mess around with java developers for this stupidity, one question bothers me: Is Google  really the only solution? With latest alphabet mess Google confirmed that “Google” is the search engine, other services (Gmail, Drive, GDocs, etc.) are not “Google”.

Quest for alternative search engine has begun:




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