Game development and shared monetization opportunity


We are opening contest for game developers

Our publishing team is ready to promote your top-notch game.

Release your game under new publishing team which will put effort into promoting your game with our marketing team covering 100Million+ followers

How this is possible?

We have access to famous influencers, all of them 1M+ followers from various niches.

If your game fits the profile of any of our promoting channels, we will put the game on the market under our name, promote it, for contract defined percentage of earned revenue through monetization.

If you want to sell the game to us, we can agree upon that also – we will create a project and pay for your work as you build it for us from the scratch

If you have a great idea but no money to develop it into a game we can help you with it also – we have our 3d modelers, world designers, programmers – we can become partners on the project

We are mostly looking mostly for fast, action, sport, adventure, logic low-poly simple games, but do not get discouraged for any other niche – we might like the idea


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