WordCamp Split 2016


Our last WordCamp #wchr Croatia was held in Rijeka and Split will host it this year. Next year? Who knows. As every location is unique, branding is the perfect opportunity to highlight that location. And with changing the WordCamp location each year, we wanted to develop something new that could be (at least in some form) be used over years to represent that. We present you the new visual identity for Croatian WordCamps that will be used for the first time at WordCamp Split.  Continue reading


 is trying to create AI … ?


Apple’s on a buying-spree as it inclines up its endeavors in the tech business’ most recent weapons contest: computerized reasoning.

“Perceptio” was growing “profound learning” innovation for cell phones, that permitted telephones to freely distinguish pictures without depending on outside information libraries, Bloomberg said. Continue reading

Neo is not the One ?


If you saw The Matrix movies, you probably are pretty much on board with the fact that Neo is “The One.'”I mean, his name is Neo… if you flip the letters around a little bit you’ve got O-N-E. A lot of people were able to deduce that. So what if I were to show you a theory that disagrees with that commonly agreed-upon part of the plot?

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